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9xbuddy is a famous website and online video downloader. This website is serving people for many years. 9xbuddy is mostly famous among young minds who want to download online media from the internet. It enables the audience to download videos, movies, web series as well as various popular TV shows.

Steps to Download Video from 9xbuddy-:

  • Firstly you need to find to URL(Uniform Resource Locator) of that video that you may want to download.
  • Copy that URL such as mentioned below the image. I have taken the example of a youtube video.

9xbuddy URL coping image


  • After coping URL, you need to visit 9xbuddy’s official site that you may easily find on the google search engine result.
  • Then, you may find such an interface, the same as mentioned below.

9xbuddy Interface

  • Paste the URL that you have copied.
  • Now you need to hit the download button.
  • You will find the various download options to select any one of them.

9xbuddy Download Options

  • The downloading window will popup on the device screen.
  • Find and select the download option.

9xbuddy Final Download Button

  • Your video is downloading at that moment.
  • Wait for a while until it downloading gets completed.
  • Save the media content in your device wherever you want to save.

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Platform media that you can download from 9xbuddy

Yes, this question is quite relevant. From what platform media that it allows you to download from their website. Nowadays there are so many platforms from where you can collect your desire media. For that, I have prepared a list of platforms that a 9xbuddy downloader allows you to download any content. This list is changing from time to time because of regular updates in policies of those desired platforms.

  • Youtube videos –  You need to just collect the URL of that particular video.
  • Facebook videos – Many popular apps such as “Vidmate” and “Snaptube” do your many downloading works but even they cannot allow you to any download videos. But this 9xbuddy downloader can do that for you because it has those features for downloading Facebook videos very easily.
  • Facebook story – 9xbuddy just need a URL for that specific Facebook story to tackle your work.
  • Instagram videos – Yes, downloading an Instagram video is not an easy task but 9xbuddy has those property which helps you to do your desired work smoothly.
  • Instagram story – Nowadays downloading an Instagram story is in trend, that’s why Instagram comes with those capabilities that can do your work in a fine time.
  • Zee5 Contents – 9xbuddy zee5 video downloader will definitely helps you to download any Zee5 contents. Only you need is to paste the complete URL of the particular video in the 9xbuddy website.
  • BCCI Cricket Videos – Yes it’s right that you can easily download the BCCI Cricket Videos. The only thing is that you need to go to BCCI official website i.e BCCI.tv and bring the URL of that specific video, after that all the work will perform by this powerful 9xbuddy downloader. You can easily find all recent cricket videos at BCCI.tv. It is an official website for Indian cricket that’s why after every cricket match you can find hundreds of Videos and Images. There is also one advantage of using BCCI.tv website is that you will find there all High Definition (HD) content which perhaps you don’t usually find on YouTube or somewhere else.

Available File Format that you can Download

9xbuddy’s advanced features allow you to download various file format contents. It includes the following file format lists and this is as follows -:

  • MP4 – 720 P
  • MP4-  ALTERNATE 720 P
  • MP4- 480 P
  • MP4- ALTERNATE 480 P
  • MP4 – 360 P
  • MP4- ALTERNATE 360 P
  • MP4- 240 P
  • MP4- ALTERNATE 240 P
  • MP4- 144 P
  • MP4- ALTERNATE 144 P
  • MP3- AUDIO 128 KBPS

Video formats and qualities

Note – There is a “SHOW SIZE” option also available there with the help of which you can easily know the size of that video in MB. Generally, it exactly shows the accurate size of the video. Your internet should be stable also while downloading any video because during downloading if it stuck then you need to download that again from start, which is an ugly thing.

Things that you can download from 9xbuddy

  1. Various Platform Video – You can download from the various platform as we discussed earlier such as YouTube, Facebook. Instagram, etc.
  2. Web series ( 9xbuddy zee5 video downloader ) – Yes it also allows you to download various web series from the internet. You can download web series from many popular brands of the Indian industry. Many other websites don’t support this feature but this website does.
  3. 9xbuddy Movies – Yes downloading a movie from the internet is a cybercrime so you don’t suppose to do the same.
  4. Popular TV shows – Yes there are I think many TV shows that allow you to download there episode from the internet. But there are also TV shows who restricted this facility for their viewers. So while downloading any content from the internet, you need to be very much careful that you should not violate any cybersecurity rules.

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Web series that you can Download

  • ALT Balaji – Yes 9xbuddy may sometimes allow you to download ALT Balaji’s content. But you need to be careful that you should not violates any cyber rules, especially in India because India is very restricted in these kinds of the act any Indian cyber team may take any big action regarding illegal download.


  • 9xbuddy Voot – Yes downloading the Voot videos is a crime on the internet world. So it’s better to take a subscription to watch any Voot web series or movies. But if you still want to download then you need to copy the link and paste it into 9xbuddy Voot for successful download.


  • 9xbuddy Hotstar – You need to find the URL of those videos that you want to download. But it is not easier as YouTube because on YouTube platform you may get the share button from where you can copy that link but in 9xbuddy Hotstar Video you may not get the link easily. So to copy the link, open Hotstar in any browser and then copy the desired link.


  • 9xbuddy Zee5 – 9xbuddy may allow you to download from the 9xbuddy zee5 video downloader. It may help you in downloading Zee5 contents. But you need to be very much careful while downloading any Zee5  contents because to download any content of those ZEE5 web series is restricted in India. So you need to think 100 times before downloading any illegal content from the 9xbuddy zee5.


But it depends on your shoulder that how you can get the link of your desire videos. Because without link 9xbuddy’s website can’t do a bit even. So here URL is the king and you need to be smart enough to anyhow find the link. If you fail to find the link then you cannot do anything on this website. So it’s better to find the link first then go to the website to download your desire content.

9xbuddy Alternative

Look there are many 9xbuddy alternatives but believe me that every other alternative is not good as 9xbuddy. You rarely find that it couldn’t do your work. This website is very accurate and fast in terms of user experience. Also, it is a very responsive website that means it gives the same user experience in mobile, tablet as well as in Laptop or PC.

Following are the 9xbuddy alternative

Vidmate app

 I don’t think there is an official website of Vidmate on google but its app can be easily downloaded from the internet. People generally try to find the Vidmate app in Google Play Store but the ground reality is that the Vidmate app is not present in Google Play Store. If you want to download Vidmate, you need to download it’s apk externally from the Internet, then installed it in your mobile or tablet devices. But be careful while installing such apk because there is the reason behind that it is not present on Google Play Store.


Yes, Snaptube is another better 9xbuddy alternative and in some cases, Snaptube is better than even Vidmate. But the reality is that Vidmate is more popular among people because it is serving for many years. Snaptube never says you to download an additional app. On the other hand, Vidmate may irritate you by continuously sending you notifications and compel you to download some additional app.

Like in recent times Vidmate has launched its media player and to promote this, Vidmate always tries to compel you to download and install that media player.  Willingly or Unwillingly you need you to download that additional Vidmate media player to continue using the Vidmate app. That’s why I favoured Snaptube than Vidmate. But don’t forget that Snaptube is also not present in Google Play Store because of the same reasons. So you cannot able to directly download it for Mobile or Tablets. You need to implement the same tactics to install Snaptube in your device.

According to Google, these two apps may not be safe for your device that’s why they are not present in the Google Play store. So, even after downloading these apps who need to be very much careful that what permission you are giving to these apps.


9xbud is a website that tries to pretend as 9xbuddy but it can also able to perform all those works that 9xbuddy does. That’s why I put this website as an alternative to 9xbuddy. But I prefer 9xbuddy more over 9xbud because of some technicality factors. Like 9xbuddy zee5 video downloader is much more better compared to 9xbud Zee5 downloader.

The million-dollar question is how to download videos in 9xbuddy. This is not just easy that you may be thinking of, you need to follow the proper steps that are mentioned above. Make sure that you don’t miss any of the guiding steps, by mistake if you miss any step then you may face problems in downloading any content.

Video Downloader  app

Yes, there are many legal and authorized app do present in the google play store. Just you need to do some effort and find the right app that can efficiently perform your desired task. Like there is an app in Google Play Store named “Video Download” that may perform all your work smoothly.

Video Downloader for Apple Devices

Yes, Apple charges some money for downloading and installing such an app on Apple Devices. But never the less there is the free app also available that you can use to perform all your work. But the only requirement is that you need to be more clever while downloading those apps for your Apple devices.

9xbuddy apk or app

It is universal that there is no such official 9xbuddy app or its apk present on the Internet for download. All those 9xbuddy apps or apk that you may find over the Internet are just that they pretend to be 9xbuddy and the reality is that till now they never released their such app. So if you want to use 9xbuddy then I strongly recommend you to use their official website to do all your willing work. By using their website and not using any fraud app, it also helps you to stay safe and prevent you from the malicious virus that may take your all credentials.

So, it is my healthy request and advice to you all that never download and install any unfamiliar app into your device because it may harm your devices. In recent times, the news is also coming that by taping the unfamiliar link, people are facing security issues into their mobile devices and their credentials got taken by someone else. So it is also another advice of mine that don’t tap any unfamiliar link into your mobile or PC’s because you may also face such problem. So it is better to prevent ourselves from such a situation.

Note- This website does not support any kind of content downloading website or app from the internet and does not encourage anybody to download any kind of video from any website or app. This article is just for giving knowledge to our audience about how 9xbuddy works. The only aim of this article is to give brief knowledge about 9xbuddy on the internet and how it works. This article does not support 9xbuddy and any other website that allows people to download any video from the internet.

That’s all for now from my side, I hope that you like this article and will appreciate my hard work by commenting on your thoughts about this article in the comment section and also share this blog with your family, friends, and colleagues. This all your effort will give me the motivation to present more such quality articles to all my audience.

Sharing is Caring!!

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