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Jio is currently the largest telecom company in India which provides mobile and broadband services across the country. It only operates on the LTE networks and provides only 4G VOLTE service.

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Jio customer care number :

Jio Customer Care Number

To talk to Jio customer care from any state of India, dial 1860-893-3333, but remember that this Jio Customer Care Number is only for Jio users so that you can dial the number from your Jio mobile.

How You should Check Data Balance on Jio?

I am telling you two ways to check the balance data of Jio. Both methods are effortless, and it does not require any internet data. You can check the balance of Jio by just dialling the number and sending an SMS.

Check Jio’s Balance Data by dialling the number :

  • First of all, open the dial pad on your mobile, after opening, dial 1299 number.
  • Once the call is made, then within 1, 2 seconds, the call will be automatically disconnected.
  • After the call is disconnected from Jio on your mobile, a message will come in which you will be informed about the current data, Expiry Date.

Let me tell you that this message will come from Jio on your mobile, and there is no charge to dial this number because it is toll-free Jio Customer Care Number.

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Check balance data of Jio by sending SMS :

Firstly, we told you how to check Jio Balance by giving you a missed call, i.e., dialling the number, now we are telling you how to check the balance by sending an SMS. Send it on the number 55333 by writing MBAL to check 4G DATA, then on your mobile, an SMS will come with information about 4G Net Balance.

Apart from this, to go to Main Balance, Data Balance, Expiry Date, open the Message App in your mobile, then write BAL in the message box and send it to 199. After that, a message will come from Jio Company on your mobile, in which you will know the balance information will be sent.

If you would like to know complete details of your Jio SIM plan, send 199 by sending MY PLAN in the message box; after that, you will get the full details of your Jio mobile plan.

How you should check Jio data balance using the MyJio app?

In order to get check Jio data balance using MY JIO application, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Tap on the MyJio app icon
  • If you automatically log in to the remaining balance will be displayed on the screen before you at the home page itself.
  • If you are not a user of Jio SIM then, log in through the OTP after entering Jio ID and password

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How you can check the postpaid balance of your number :

Jio Customer Care Number kerala

In order to know your Jio postpaid balance, you need to send an SMS, send BILL to 199. You will get an SMS with Jio postpaid balance amount on your phone.

If you want to know the details of Jio tariff plan, then write MY PLAN Send to 199.

Jio USSD Codes

Jio Main Balance Check USSD Code :

To check the primary balance of your Jio Sim, * 333

Your Jio Number: *1# 

To know used 4G data pack: Send MBAL on 55333 

To Activate 4G data: Call on 1925 or Send SMS START on 1925 

Caller Tune Activation : *333*3*1*1# 

Deactivate Jio Caller Tune: *333*3*1*2# 

Jio Customer Care Number For Any Complaints

If you want to make any complaint about Jio, you can call toll-free Jio Customer Care Number 198 and file your claim.

If you do not have a recharge offer, PUK code, internet about your Jio SIM, Network Problem For any kind of help and inquiry, you can call 199 to solve your problem.

Online shopping Jio Customer Care Number

For online shopping, you have to call the toll-free Jio Customer Care Number 198 . There is no charge to call.

Helpline 1800-893-3399

Jio Customer Care Number for Jio Fiber Customers

If you use Jio’s Giga fibre service and have some kind of problem, you can call the toll-free Jio Customer Care Number .

Helpline 1800-896-9999

Jio Customer Care Email ID

Click on the link below to email toll-free Jio Customer Care Number services and Jio customer care directly.

Jio Customer Care Email Address–

Jio customer care chat –

For new business connection –

Related to Online Shopping –

For any security vulnerability –

Jio customer care number Kerala

Below are the Jio Customer Care Number of Kerela, you can contact them by choosing the Customer Care Number or fax number of your state. Here are the two toll-free customer care number of Kerala

Kerala -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Keralite people can also use other mediums to register their grievances and call regarding offers. 

Jio customer care number ap (Andhra Pradesh)

Jio Customer Care Number AP (Andhra Pradesh)

The Jio customer care numbers for Andhra Pradesh are given below:

Andhra Pradesh -:18008893999 and 18008891211

They, too, can use other options for registering their complaints. 

Jio customer care number hp (Himachal Pradesh)

The Jio customer care number for Himachal Pradesh :  18008893999 and 18008891211

Now instead mentioning each state separately, we are compiling them in the list given below:

State Contact Number Fax Number

Rajasthan -: 1 8008893999 and 18008891211

Haryana -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Punjab -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Gujarat -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Assam -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Bihar -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Chhattisgarh -:18008893999 and 18008891211

Delhi NCR -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Jammu -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

HP -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Madhya Pradesh -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Jharkhand -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Kerala -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Kashmir -:18008893999 and 18008891211

Karnataka -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Kolkata -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Maharashtra and Goa -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Mumbai -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Northeast angle -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Odisha -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Andhra Pradesh -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Tamil Nadu -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Telangana -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Uttar Pradesh (West) -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Uttar Pradesh (East) -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Uttarakhand -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

West Bengal -: 18008893999 and 18008891211

Only after Jio company came into the market, many people have learned how to browse the internet. The main reason for this is the cheap internet. Due to the internet pack becoming cheap, many people create their channel on YouTube and upload videos and earn money; all this is due to Jio.

Before this, we had to think repeatedly to download any video or upload if there is a data balance on the mobile. Now we never worry about the data balance; we download any video we want and upload photos and videos as much we want, all this is due to Jio.

How to get live customer care by speaking?

Friends, a very fantastic feature, has been added to the My Jio app. Through the help of the My Jio app, you can speak and ask the customer care number.

  • Firstly you have to install the My Jio app onto your mobile.
  • Login
  • Click on the option of My Jio search upwards.
  • Choose the language.
  • Click on the mic and say Jio customer care number.

Talk through Jio Live Chat

Live chat is also offered in Jio by installing the My Jio app in mobile, you can live chat with Jio customer care and find out how to solve your problem.

  • First of all, download the MY JIO application through the AppStore.
  • Then log in with your live number.
  • After logging in, you have to click on Live chat. By clicking on live chat, you can write your problem, and you will get an answer immediately.

In June 2015, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of RIL and Jio India, announced that he would start Jio’s operations across the country by the end of 2015. But unfortunately, they had to postpone the launch for the next year. Ultimately the much-awaited Jio launched started the network nationally on 5 September 2016. 

Since then, Jio has proved its presence in almost all of the segments of the retail market. Recently Jio launched Jio Meet app on 2 July 2020, which is a video calling app. This app is launched to fill the vacuum created by the ban imposed upon the Zoom app. Indeed it is better than Zoom’s app. This app works like the zoom application, but in Jio Meet, you get better features. It is a truth beyond any doubt that, with the arrival of Jio, a new revolution has come in the world of the internet.

Grievances to Appellate Authority :

If you are not happy with the method mentioned above and the customer care representatives complain resolution, you have other options too available. Now you can write to our Appellate Authority. Mail them at the Jio State Office Address or on his/her email ID available on the following website:

Other Important Email IDs for Jio Complaint Readdressal:

For new business connection:-mail them at

For any queries related to Online Shopping:- mail them at

For any security vulnerability issues:- inform them at

Today many people use Jio SIM. It has become the largest shareholder in the Indian telecommunication market. Since its that much extensive coverage across the nation, sometimes we face a problem, due to which we need to call Jio Customer Care Number. For other issues, such as network problems, no call, no internet running, the person who has been recharged is not active, so we have to call Jio customer care. 

You, too, must have had such a problem, and if you have not gone through this, you may have to call Jio Customer Care Number anytime in the future. So the question is that, what to do to talk to Jio customer? For this, you must have a Jio customer care number, in this post, we will give you complete information of Jio Customer Care Toll-Free Number, by which you can able to find the solution of your problem by calling Jio Customer executive.

Conclusion :

I hope my little efforts will help you out when you need Jio Customer Care number. So friends, if you want to call Jio customer care, talk to Jio customer care, then you can easily do it through these toll-free Jio Customer Care Number.

Do not forget to share your experience with the customer care representative here in the discussion forum. If you like the post and our efforts, please share it with your friends on social media platforms.

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