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katmovieHD Website Link – Safe Movies Download -: KatmovieHD is a Downloading website. You can Download Movies, Web-Series, TV Shows, WWF and WWE match Videos very easily. The reality is that this website makes the pirated version of these videos contents (Movies, Web-Series, TV Shows, WWF and WWE matches) and published on their website.

How you can download from KatmovieHD

KatmovieHD feature Image

Steps to Download : 

Install VPN app and turn on VPN

If you are from India then you need to first install some VPN app from play store and change your live location using that VPN app. By doing so you can hide from the government and follow these mentioned steps to successfully download your content.

Visit the official link

It is not going to be an easier task for you to visit KatmovieHD‘s official site in one go because to hide from the government they regularly change their domain. If you ever visited their site earlier and trying to visit again then you will notice that their domain will be changed.

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For example, suppose in 1st time when you visited their site and you went to (KatmovieHD .com) but then you visited their site again after some time that I am sure that their domain not going to be same it will be something like (Katmoviehd .co.in or.net or .online, etc.). Suppose you find their official site then follow next step.

Enter movie name in the search bar’

There will be a search bar at the top of the site and you need to write your movie name their. This will help you to find your movie easily. If you don’t use that search bar then it will be so much difficult for you find your expected movie because their database may contain 1000+ movie, So how can you find you desire movie among them.

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Click on thumbnail


If you will find your movie then you need to click on the thumbnail of that movie. But after clicking you need to be very much careful because I am damn sure it will not directly redirect you to the next step rather it will redirect you to some unknown advertising window.  Just need to come back from that window to continue your download.

Select the preferred Quality

There will be many download quality option present there and you need to choose your one which will be best suited for you. Like you have chosen 720P quality, them simply click on that 720P button and again be careful from those advertising windows. You need to be very much careful while downloading your video content because this website is not very much user friendly, why I am saying this because when you are performing downloading then many times it may happen that some unknown link will get automatically open in a same or new tab but you don’t need to be panic much.

The solution to that problem is that first of all you need to realise that that new popped-up window which got open is useful for you or not. If that will not be useful to you then without wasting your time you need to close that window. And return to your previous window and

Select file location

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To perform successful download you will need to choose the location in your device where you want to save your video content (movie or web series). If you are downloading from your PC or Laptop then I prefer you to make a new folder in ‘D’ or ‘E’ drive and save your movie there only.

Because in doing so you can find your movie easily in your device and why am telling you to save in ‘D’ or ‘E’ drive because If you choose ‘C’ drive which is your probably your main drive then by continuously downloading movies on that same drive may results that your main drive will get full and you can’t even install a single app in your device. And this will also result in slow down your laptop and PC.

Close the VPN

After downloading you need to close your VPN ( Virtual Private Network). If you don’t close your VPN then by continuously using VPN you nay be catch by Indian Cyber Shell and you may found guilty for violating Indian rules. The cyber shell can easily track you by your machine address or by IP (Intenet Protocol ) address. After that, you may be severely finished for using VPN and KatmovieHD.

Therefor It is my suggestion that you should never visit KatmovieHD site or even any movie downloading site because these are banned websites from the government. And you should also never use VPN to change your live location because you may have to face some legal consequences.

Movie Qualities in KatmovieHD

Movie Qyality

You can easily get these following movie qualities in KatmovieHD Websites -:

1080 P360 PMP3 256 K for Audio
720 P240 PMP3 128 K for Audio
480 P144 PMp3 64 K for Audio

It is Legal to Download From KatmovieHD?

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This question is used to asked by everyone who is in the habit of downloading any video content online. And these people should know the correct answer to this question. Due to the lack of information people made mistakes and they get into trouble. But you are the prime audience of this site that’s why it is my prime duty to provide you with all the correct information.

So the faithful information about this headline is that It is completely Illegal to download any content from Katmoviehd. Not only download but even visiting this website is a crime in the eye of the Indian government. The Indian government banned all those sites who do pirate the movie content or any kind of content.

The Indian government took this decision to safeguard the originality of those movies.  And also to prevent movie producers and directors from loss. Because movie producer and director invested their crores of money to make those movies. Just for the shake of making some money, Website like KatmovieHD and other, pirates movies and published on their website freely. People easily visit this site and download movie free of cost.

Users of KatmovieHD

You will get surprised to know that not only Indians are using this KatmovieHD website link but people from outside India is also using this site to download Hollywood and Bollywood contents. After the Indian audience, Pakistanis audience comes at the second spot in this user list. Then at third spot people from Bangladesh are using this site. Then at the fourth position with a few numbers of users United States comes next.

Country Wise Users

India          65%
Pakistan              13%
Bangladesh             2%
The United States            1%
Saudi Arabia          1%
Nepal        <1%

Why KatmovieHD is Famous even it is banned

Movie Event

Katmoviehd is famous among thousands of people because of its versatility. Why I am saying this a versatile website because there are many valuable points which prove this as a versatile. Here I am sharing the following points-:

  • Reach in Database.
  • Variety of Contents.
  • Variety in the genre.
  • Variety in download quality.
  • Fast website.
  • Responsive for both mobile, Laptop as well as PC.
  • Many years of experience in serving their users
  • Presence of Search bar.
  • Thousands of users
  • Global users
  • Provide Full HD contents (1080 P)
  • Less Advertisement
  • Presence of quick download link
  • Presence of correct thumbnails
  • Presence of movie trailer
  • Option for pause.
  • Option for cancellation.
  • Presence of its dedicated app
  • etc.

Why you need to use VPN to Download

Yes, if you are residing in India then it is like compulsory for you to use VPN during downloading any video content from katmoviehd website link because as I said earlier this site is banned in India. So when you use a VPN, means you are changing your live location from India to some other country. There is an option in almost every VPN app that you can set your live location in any part of the world.

Like you are from India and you want to change your live location from India to the United States, then by selecting the targetted region, you can easily change your live location.

Is it legal to use a VPN in India ???

According to my knowledge using VPN and hiding your live location is not a crime in India. But there is a condition there, and the condition is that if you are using a VPN and not violating any law then it is not a crime.

But if you are using VPN and hiding your true location for visiting any banned website then it is a crime. So, my dear audience, it is my humble advice to you all that you should not use VPN for any bad purpose. And you should not violate any law to put you in any consequences.

KatmovieHD app

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There is a responsive KatmovieHD app for android phones. There is no app for Apple’s phone. In android phone even, you can’t able to get this app easily because it is not present in Google Play Store. So to download this app you need to use to browser. Just you need to write “KatmovieHD app” and you find their hundreds of 3rd party website who is providing the service to download your desire Katmoviehd app.

NOTE -: After downloading this app you need to be very much careful that when it asks for permission then you shouldn’t give all permission access because this is not a very reliable app. So it can steal your data from your phone. So give only those permission which is required.

katmoviehd website link

katmoviehd website link changes regularly. So to hide from “Indian Cyber Security” the Administrator of this site changes its domain very frequently. Till now they have changed more than 20 katmoviehd website link and some of its previous links are as follows -:

KatmovieHD.com          KatmovieHD.online
KatmovieHD.site      KatmovieHD.xyz
KatmovieHD.ooo           KatmovieHD.movie
KatmovieHD.org           KatmovieHD tv
KatmovieHD.club        KatmovieHD info.biz

katmoviehd hindi

Katmoviehd Hindi Website is good for downloading Hindi Bollywood movies with good qualities. There are many Hindi website how is allowing users to download hindi movies. But the popularity of katmoviehd hindi website is not decreasing because of its huge database of Hindi movies.

There are many tough competitors of KatmovieHD hindi website on the Internet. Despite having a list of competitors, Katmoviehd website link retaining on the Internet because of its good service. I am providing the full list of movie downloading websites who is giving the tough competition to katmoviehd hindi website.

  • moviebuzz
  • bolly4u
  • tamilrockers
  • filmywap
  • pagalworld
  • desimovie
  • moviehub
  • 9xbolly
  • movies4u

katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies

Katmoviehd info Genre

​Action katmoviehd bollywood movies

There is a lot of content in the katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies. This is the genre which is the most popular genre among people.  The Action Genre movies also generate a lot of profit for the producer. That’s why producers are also loved to make this kind of movie most as compared to any other genre. All those top 3 most earning movie of all time is Action genre movies.

Animation Genre

There is also a lot of famous movie in Animated katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies Genre. This is the Genre which is most loved by Kids and Young People. But there is also a lot of movie in this content which is also loved by adults. Even you might also saw some of the movies of this genre and even mine too.

Comedy Genre

Comedy katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies Genre is a movie genre which everyone likes. It is also a Genre which kids, as well as Adults, likes too. It has a lot of fun, enjoyment, funny line, Comedy Punch and many many things which forced us to laugh. These are also a money maker genre for producers. Comedy movies also help in generating a lot of money for movie makers. People in any mood always love to see this kind of movies.

Crime Genre

Making a Crime Genre movie is not a cup of tea for every director. It includes a lot of planning and strategies in its content. Every scene of the movie is carefully captured so that they should not ruin Criminal movie. Director also has the challenge to choose the best actors and actress which are best fitted in movie characters. Because performing a villain role is of course not everyone’s cup of tea.

Drama katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies Genre

People generally got confused between Drama and Comedy movie. Of course, these two movie genres are different. The Drama movie has a proper meaningful story with some punch line and it also relates to our day to day life while comedy movies generally don’t have a meaningful story but it has a lot of punch line and laughter.

Experimental Genre

You can say that the Experimental genre is the Science-fi or Science fiction genre. It this completely related to science and their experiments. We have already witnessed so many amazing science-fiction movie in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood. But making this kind of movie Directors need to study hard about the core content of the movie.

Fantasy Genre

Fantasy katmoviehd bollywood hindi movies genre movies are for adults only. Children who are less than 18 years should not watch fantasy genre movies. But is this not the case with adults. Nowadays there are a lot of fantasy movies that are coming up because people are liking these movies. There are many Hollywood as well as Bollywood Directors who are famous for making Fantasy genre movie. Even we can count on our hand the name of those Directors.

Historical Genre

These are the movie which is completely based on history. According to me, making these kinds of movie are, a little bit easier for Directors. Why I am saying this because Directors do have a prepared script for the movie. They can’t much change the script also because these are the historic movie and events had already occurred in past. Directors need to only direct these events in some creative style.

KatmovieHD for Mobile

Since most of the user use mobile to visit this website but many users like to use their laptops or PC to visit katmoviehd website link. To solve this problem the admin made this site a responsive site for both mobile users and PC or Laptop user. So everybody who uses either laptop or mobile can visit this site and can experience their user-friendly environment.

If you are using your mobile and you are facing any problem while visiting this site then I strongly suggest you turn on your desktop mode feature in your browser. Almost every mobile browser have this feature either it is Google Chrome or Opera-mini browser.

Why you never use UC browser for Katmoviehd

It is highly recommended you to never use UC browser in your mobile and Laptop to visit any site. The reason behind this is that UC browser is a China-based browser and it doesn’t have their server in India. They may send all your data and information directly to china. There are many previous cases came in the news as well, that this browser is stealing data. Although how much it is true no one indeed knows. But if you have the option of secure and fast browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox then why you should take the risk of using UC browsers.

Google Chrome comes with many smart features plus it is made by Google that’s why it is reliable and secure. And I suggest everyone uninstall UC browser if you have installed in your mobile. And only use reliable chrome browser.

Contents You can Download from Katmoviehd

There are vast contents that you can download from this website. I am mentioning some key contents that are famous at KatmovieHD but apart from these contents you can download more contents –


Katmoviehd is mostly famous for movies content. Most people like to visit this site because they get a lot of movie content from this site. They also get the various download option for movies. Generally, movies are not present for MP3 download because no one like to hear the movie. So people usually get download options in 1080 P, 720 P, 480 P and 360 P.

Web – Series

Web – Series is something which is becoming famous very quickly. The world is changing and the impact can also be seen in the movie industry. Because earlier most of the people like to watch the only movie but the current situation is that most of the people like to watch Web – series. For this, people started taking the paid subscription of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ALT Balaji, etc.

TV- Shows

There are many popular TV shows that people like to watch, So they can get those TV show in episode wise at KatmovieHD. You can find there almost all popular Bollywood as well as Hollywood TV shows. They are all present there Episode wise. But one thing that you need to keep in mind that since it is a just a website so it’s hosting will also have a certain limit.

That’s why they cannot put each TV shows on their website. So, only popular shows you may find there.

WWE and WWF Matches

Yes, can easily download all those “Raw” and “Smackdown” matches from this katmoviehd website link. All those matches of mega-event of WWE and WWF like Royal Rumble and Wrestle Mania are also present at this site. Just you need to be careful which downloading these content that you should not download any unwanted video from the site because it may happen with you.

As the writer of this blog post, I want to say that I don’t support any video, movie downloading website or any app that allows anyone to download copyright content. I am against all this activity. I just wrote this blog post to give information about Katmoviehd.  As I blogger I have to cover all these topics to give information to everybody so that they get to know what is right and what is not.

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