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Police Verification Form

Police verification form is required to verify that you are not a criminal. It is proof that you are not involved in any criminal activity or have not done any unlawful deed. This police verification certificate is needed to assure that you belong to a particular place and have not cheated anyone or don’t have any criminal records in the police station. The police verification form can be filled both online and offline, as per your convenience. In India, many States have the facility to apply for application easily online and some States aren’t capable of issuing it online, so they provide it offline from the police stations.

police verification form

Why and where is police verification needed

If you want to work in any private or government companies, it is compulsory to submit a Police verification certificate that is verified by the police. The huge and legal companies surely ask for the police clearance certificate from their employees as a necessary document. The police verification certificate is proof that you belong to a particular place and you are living there for more than one year and haven’t been a part of any illegal deed, as per the police record.

When a Police verification form is applied, after the completion whole verification procedure, a certificate is issued that certifies no criminal records of the person. Along with the police clearance certificate, you will get the instructions printed on it that implies where the certificate can be used.

States that allow online verification 


In India, States like Haryana and Rajasthan has already started online police verification form like Haryana Police verification and Rajasthan Police verification. In these States, you can easily apply for police verification form online from the nearest cafes or home. All you have to do is to fill the form that is available online with your necessary required documents. After filling the form, when the whole procedure is executed then a certificate is issued certifying that there is no criminal record existing for that particular person.

Offline police verification form

form of police

In many states, there is no facility to fill the form online. You can easily apply for the police verification offline from the nearest police station in your area. All you have to do for this is to fill the Police verification form and submit it. The policeman will come to the given address for analysing the given details and takes a signature of two neighbours to confirm the witness that you belong to that place. And then the form further proceeds and the final certificate is issued.

Documents required for police verification form

Many important documents must be attached while filling the form. You need documents as proof that you are not an outsider or a cheat, you should have legally authorised identity proof.

The documents that are required for filling the police verification form either online or offline is –

Procedure to fill the online application 



While filling the police verification online, you have to follow a few steps in the series. The various steps for filling the online application are –

  • First of all, you have to visit the official site that is provided by the government.
  • Then you will see an Police verification online form on the screen.
  • Fill the required columns such as name, date of birth, place of birth, Aadhar number, by following the given instructions
  • After filling the form correctly, make the payment.
  • At the submit the form.

By following these steps you can fill the form and your police verification certificate will be issued.

How to fill the police verification form offline 

If you are not able to fill the online Police verification form, then you can easily fill the form offline. You can visit the nearby police station for the application form.

  • Visit the nearest police station in your area, take the police verification form.
  • Fill the form by following the given instructions.
  • You will have to submit the fees for police verification that is 200 rupees and 300 rupees for the Central Government’s post order.
  • You can easily collect the post order from any post office.

Police verification procedure



  • The applicant should fill the Police verification form with all the required documents such as Aadhar card, pan card and other ID proofs.
  • As soon as the form is filled the owner should sign the application and submit it to the police.
  • The Police verification form is then received at the police station and they verify all the given details, when everything is appropriate as filled in the application then the policeman authorizes and issue the certificate showing are not the part of any illegal deed as per the police records.
  • After the completion of the whole process, police hand over the signed certificate that declares background check of yours. If you don’t have any criminal record then you are accepted by any company, you want to work with.

How long you need to wait for the certificate

The Police verification certificate is issued within 7 working days but in a certain condition, it can be delayed. While applying you will have to register your mail id and all the details regarding the certificate will be delivered to it. You can easily apply for as many certificates you want by easily logging in the id and password generated while applying the form. But only a single certificate can be issued at a time. And you cannot apply for the second certificate until you receive the first one. You will have to wait for the first one to be issued.

The validity of the certificate 

The Police verification certificate is valid only for one year from the date it is issued. However, in India, the certificate has no validity already decided but can be considered as valid for six months. There no fixed period for the expiry of the certificate. It depends on the authority to which the application has been submitted. Thus, there no fixed period for the validity of the police verification certificate it can be used for the lifetime if once it is issued.


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