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Sarathi Parivahan

Sarathi Parivahan is the official Indian website of the government to apply for Driving license and Learner’s license. You can also check the online status of the driving license with the help of Sarathi Parivahan‘s official website. 

This website enables you to apply for a driving license and you can trace the status of your learner’s license easily.

sarathi parivahan

About driving license 

Driving license documents that officially permits you to drive any vehicle such as truck, car, bus, and motorcycle. Now the driving license comes in the form of a small card, like credit cards and debit cards. 

Eligibility for driving license

There are a few conditions if you want to apply for driving or learners license. This is not open up for everyone, one needs to complete the certain eligibility criteria if you want to get a driving license. 

Types of Learning License

  •   Motorcycles along with the gear

            Eligibility criteria- The applicant should be 18 years old and above

  •   Motorcycles without gear up to the capacity of 50cc

           Eligibility criteria- The applicant should be at least 16 years old. For that candidate who is less than 18 years old,

                                                   the consent from guardians or parents must be obtained.

  • Commercial heavy vehicles and transport vehicles and etc.

          Eligibility criteria- The should not be below than 18 years.


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General Requirement for obtaining a Learning License

  • The learner’s license applicant must be fluent in traffic rules and regulations.
  • The applicant must have a valid address proof.
  • Age proof documents.
  • The applicant must have finished the 8th standard of schooling.
  • The should not be below than 18 years.

How to apply for the driving license on Sarathi Parivahan

sarathi parivahan

Sarathi Parivahan is an official Indian website, which was founded by the Road Transport and highway ministry. This website was found to enable people to apply for driving license online. In the past times, people had to visit the Regional transport office (RTO) for the works related to driving licenses. Sarathi Parivahan official website has been a great convenience for people, anyone can easily apply for DL online.

Nowadays, it is very easy to apply for the DL online while sitting in your homes. You can also check the status of your driving license with the help of the token number provided from Sarathi Parivahan’s website. Earlier you only had to wait for the DL to arrive by post. After applying you just have to wait and when the process completes they used to send it by post. 

The documents required to apply for DL on the website of Sarathi Parivahan

When you apply for the driving license, it is a must that you should have a few documents along with you. It is necessary to attach a few necessary documents with your application. The essential documents required while applying for a driving license are-  

Police Verification Form

Application fees for learners driving license

For the driving license application, it is fixed to 150 rupees for first-class vehicles and also an additional 50 rupees for the test.

For the second class vehicles such as motorcycle, the application fee is 150 rupees and an additional 50 rupees for the test.

How to download your learner’s license online 

It is comfortable and easy for you to know that you can now download the PDF or a soft copy of your driving or learners’ license from Sarathi Parivahan’s website. You don’t have to visit different places, to achieve learners license. This soft copy or PDF you can download for alternative use in case if you have lost your original driving license. This is important for those who have to travel daily. 


Application number of learner’s license

Applicant’s Date of Birth

When you will apply for a learner’s license online then you will find application number along with the SMS, that an application number is very important. You can use that application number when you have to download a soft copy of Learner’s license.

Here are a few steps to download learner’s license online

• First, visit the official website of Sarathi Parivahan

• Go to driving license-related services provided in the same online portal

• A column is provided to select state and RTO number on the portal.

• Then the portal will take you to the new page

• In the given new page find the option of Driving license

• Then go to the option of print driving license 

• After this you can find the two or more two or more options to select click on “print learner’s license”.

• It will lead you to another page where you need to enter the application number and date of birth of the applicant.

• After filling all the details required, submit the form.

• Details of the applicant like date of birth, name, the application number, learning license will appear on the page.

• There will be a print option at the corner of the page, a PDF will open download it either in your smartphone or in your PC.

After following all this process your driving license will be printed easily, and then you can use it alternatively.

How can you apply for driving license online from the website of Sarathi Parivahan

sarathi parivahan

You can easily apply online for the driving license on the official website of Sarathi Parivahan. There few steps that should be followed while applying for learners driving license online –

  • First, you have to visit the official website 
  • Select your district from the given section on the main screen.
  • Then, a new screen will appear, click on the link given on the left side “apply online”
  • Now you to select an option from the menu appears, choose either driving license or the learners driving license option according to your need.
  • A page will appear with a large number of instructions for the driving license from Sarathi Parivahan, click on continue after reading the instructions.
  • After this, you have to enter your necessary detail such as vehicle number and your date of birth.
  • Fill all the details that are asked to be filled. Check all the details entered. Pay the application fee online and submit the application.
  • And thus, the form is applied for learners license.

Once the learner’s license is issued, You can used this for filling the driving license application on Sarathi Parivahan

  • Learner’s license
  • Passport size photographs
  • A driving license that was issued by any training school
  • Form no.4 filled 
  • Submit the fixed application fee.

Application fee for driving license on the website of Sarathi Parivahan

The application fee for a driving license of all the class vehicle is 700 rupees, which includes 200 rupees grand fee, test gee 300 rupees, and 200 rupees smart card fees.

For the two-wheelers, the application fee is 300 rupees more than the other first-class vehicle. They have to pay the total fee of rupees 1000.

Rules for the driving license on Sarathi Parivahan

You can apply for driving license on Sarathi Parivahan by following the various step given below –

  • You can apply for the new driving license after a month of learners license issued.
  • The application can be applied either online or offline.
  • If you choose to apply online then you have to pay the online application fees in the official Sarathi Parivahan’s website.
  • If you want to apply offline then you will have to visit the RTO office and submit the application fee there.
  • You can also submit the soft copy of the application, required documents, and application fee in the office.
  • If you get passed in your driving test, then your license is issued and delivered to you by post to your residence.

And thus, you can get your driving license easily by following these steps.

After applying for a driving license, you can also check online with the token number how much your application has proceeded.

Theoretical exam for license 

When you apply for a driving license, a test is held at the RTO office. The test is based on basic traffic rules that a person should know before driving on the public road. There are a few traffic rules that everyone should be aware of. 

The test consists of 15 multiple choice questions based on traffic rules and vehicles. You have to answer at least 9 questions correctly to get passed in test, for getting your driving license issued. There is also verbal or written tests held for the driving license but it varies in different states. The test is conducted on the computer and you have to pass the test to get your driving license.

Benefits of driving license

Road safety has become a very important thing for us with changing circumstances. Do not know how many incidents happen in the coming days due to the absence of a good Bell train driver. If I talk about the benefits of driving license, then it has many benefits but the most important thing is that we will know those things today. Today, as the driving license is necessary to drive any person, road accidents are also decreasing.

Road accidents are decreasing

Now the question is coming in your mind that how will road accidents be reduced with the help of driving license issued from Sarathi Parivahan? We can understand all these things that a driving license is given to a person only when he drives a particular vehicle or many vehicles. 

The driver has to undergo several tests in which all methods of road safety are shown and taught before a driver’s license is given to any driver. During driving license test, the driver score has to be shown by driving your vehicle in difficult conditions. This situation is created by human grace such as removing the vehicle diagonally or backing the vehicle while avoiding obstacles.

Any driver can be easily identified

A driving license issued from Sarathi Parivahan, is a proof as well as your special identity card. Every type of information is available in your driving license and with the help of this, you can get the information of each driver very easily. He gets the driving license of every person with a unique identity, which makes it easier to know people during a road accident And because of this, people who want to deliberately carry out a road accident also have fear in them that their l & t should be written so that they do not take any wrong step. 

Looking at all these things, I can say that a driving license is not only a symbol of being a skilled driver but at the same time, you have a unique identity that you can use anywhere.

Drivers who are not efficient can be easily detected.

We can say that with the help of a driving license issued from Sarathi Parivahan, you can now get complete information about every driver driving on the road. With the help of his partner, which driver is skilled in driving his vehicle and which vehicle he is capable of driving or which vehicle he is not skilled in, all such information is known only from his unique identity And this vehicle is not capable of work, you can also find out all these things very easily.

Keeping in mind all the above, we can say that driving license is a better identity card to protect future accidents, not only whether you are a skilled driver or not Rather, it also gives information about which vehicle you want to drive. A driving license is very successful in preventing future accidents.

LMV license and HMV license 

The LMV license is the license that permits you to drive the light motor vehicles that are car, jeeps, taxis, and many more. LMV- NT is licensed that is made for the lightweight vehicles that are for personal use only. The HMV license is meant for heavy vehicles. People who own heavy vehicles can apply for HMV licenses. The HMPV license is the heavy vehicle license meant for passenger vehicles such as buses. The license that is issued for bus drivers is HMPV licenses. HTV is the licenses meant for the heavy vehicle used for goods transportation. 

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