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Tamilrockers Protected Download Link: Safe Download. Download Latest  Movies, Web Series, TV shows, WWE and WWF matches. Tamilrockers protected Links, Unblock Links.

How to Download from Tamilrockers


tamirockers proxy


Tamilrockers is an illegal website that allows users to download Copyrighted contents for free. Means they make the pirated version of the newly released movies and web series and published on their website.  They allow the users to download through magnet links and torrent file. That’s why the Government of India banned this site but even you can download the latest movies and other contents for free by following these footsteps -:


Turn on VPN


Tamilrockers is banned for India but there are many countries from where you can easily use this website. But if you are residing in India then how can you use this site. The only solution to this problem is that you are required to use a VPN in your device. A VPN is a software that is used to change our current location to some other location. Just you need to install some VPN app from Google Play Store and switch your current location to some other place.

Visite Tamilrockers official site

Many websites in India pretends to be a Tamilrockers. But you need to show your gumption here to find the official site. As I said that this is a banned site that’s why they intermittently change their domain so that they can remain out of sight from the Central government of India.

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Put your movie name on the search bar

After visiting Tamilrockers’s website, you need to put your movie name on the search bar. It makes your work easy by so doing so. Then many search results will appear based on your search. As tamilrockers is a handy website, so you won’t face any problem in finding your movie.

Click on thumbnail

You need to click on the thumbnail that best suited you. But don’t forget that after clicking on the thumbnail you may be redirected to some other website because tamilrockers website may automatically send you to their advertiser’s website. But you don’t need to be nervous and simply close that tab and move back to your previous window.

But in case you don’t find your movie then recheck that your spell correctly your movie name on the search bar. Because it rarely happens that someone doesn’t find their movie. The other reason that you may not find your movie is that your desired movie perhaps not present in tamilrockers database.

Choose your download quality

After clicking on the thumbnail, the website will ask you to choose your preferred quality to download your video. There it will also show the size of that content, this will helps you in choosing your best-suited movie quality. There are legion numbers of movie qualities available. Like you can download movie in full HD or in HD.

Select your file location to download

It will also ask you to choose your memory location to successfully perform your download. But in case it doesn’t ask you to choose file location then you can find your movie in download folder after it will finish the download process. And if you are using your PC or Laptop to download your desire movie then here also you will find your movie in the download folder.

Where you can find your download folder

If you are using a mobile then you need to open your file manager. In the file manager, scroll down and you will find your download folder. In case you are using a PC or Laptop then simply open your “my computer“, there is a download folder, you can visit there to find your downloaded movie.

Close the VPN

At last, you need to close your VPN. Although using VPN is not a crime but just to safeguard your self from all legal consequences, it is better that after downloading the movie you should simply close VPN.

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Special Features of Tamilrockers


Tamilrockers co


Tamilrockers Protected Download Link : Safe DownloadFollowing are the special features of Tamilrockers. These features make Tamilrocker different from every other website.

  •  Thousands of contents
  • Fast website
  • User friendly
  • Various Download options
  • Option for category
  • Visitors from outside India
  • Website supported for both Mobile and PC.
  • Easy to launch the download


Is there any official app?

No, there is no app available for tamilrockers. The only way to use this is through its official website. There are many rumours that there is an app available for tamilrockers but unfortunately, it is not correct. And if you find any such app then simply don’t trust on that. As I already said that Tamilrocker is not a legal website, So it is very hard for tamilrockers to launch any official app.

History of Tamilrockers in India


Tamilrockers Feature Image


Tamilrockers website was firstly launched in 2011 to provide copyrighted content to there users. But sooner the Government realised about this site and ordered all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to ban this site. But even after this action, tamilrockers was continued in use because the administrator changed the domain of this address.

Further, one news came in 2014 that some of the representatives of this website got arrested by police. And they were sent behind the bars. It was also believed that they have also arrested the administrator of tamilrockers co site. And because the administrator was also arrested, So everyone thinking that no more movie will be pirated by tamilrockers. But it not happens and people were continuously using this site.

In 2019 some more people were arrested from Tamil Nadu, police believed that they have some links with tamilrockers website. Even though many actions had already been taken against this illegal site but this site is still pirating the movies and people are still using this site.

We should never visit such site because these are illegal sites and our central government had already decided to ban this website. And we should also help the government by not visiting these websites.

Why it is hard to ban Tamilrockers

In past police and other agencies tried many times to ban this site but even though this site is running. Why this happening? This answer of this question is that they continuously change the URL of tamilrockers and as they shifted the complete site to some other web address, it becomes hectic for police to track this site again and again. It is also believed that many people around the planet helping this site to expand. But it is almost sure that the base of this site is in Tamil Nadu.

From where they get Latest Movies or Any Content

Tamilrockers get all content by one strategy. They simply go to some theatre and record the whole movie. Although recording a movie in the theatre is considered as copying copyrighted content and people can charge under copyright act 1957.

But members of this website are in habit of doing so, that’s why they able to published any movie very fastly on their website. But most of the user like this thing because they get movie content very quickly and that what tamilrockers is also famous for.

There were also many incidents took place in the past that tamilrockers leaked the movie, just one hour after its official released. These all incident does very harm to the producers. Movie manufacturer puts crores of money to make a movie and these websites published all those movies very easily on their website.


Actions against Tamilrockers

In past, there were many actions already taken against tamilrockers. In 2014, around 3 representatives got arrested, in 2014 some more members arrested. In 2018, news came that approximately 5 associated people were sent behind the bars. Not only this, in 2019 again some more related members got arrested.

Earlier Delhi high court also ordered to completely banned around 12000 websites from the Internet including this tamilrockers website but even after all these above actions, many news still came that tamilrockers leaked this and that movies.

In 2019, south movies producers and actor Vishal met Chief minister Edappadi to request to make exacting moves against tamilrockers. But even after that many more movies leaked by this site.


Can it is lawful to utilize tamilrockers

No, it is not legal for us to use tamilrockers because it is a banned site. They only published copyright content on their site, that’s why it is completely not recommended for us to visit this site. Many people know this fact that they might face some legal consequences but even though they visit the site to download copyright contents. They usually use a VPN to change their live location, then they visit this site. But using a VPN for a wrong purpose is not a good thing. So. for us it is against the law to visit tamilrockers by any means.


Precedent domains of tamilrockers


tamilrockers co


Yes, there are many precedent domains of this website. Because they need to hide from a government that’s why they are in the habit of changing the web address very frequently. Till now they have approximately changed more than 30 domains which is a big number. When they shifted to new domain name their web address got automatically changed.

Some of the erstwhile domains are-:



These substances that you can get from tamilrockers

As I said that tamilrockers is a popular website. It has become that much prominent because of its huge database content. They have stored thousands of movies and web- series into their database. So, anyone can get these thousands of movies, web series, popular TV shows and many more things.


Sorts of motion pictures in Tamilrockers


Tamilrockers unblock


There are a variety of movies that you can find at tamilrockers. There are huge contents available in each of the movies category. So those movies you like, you can easily download by just clicking the download button. But don’t forget that you should not open any advertising link instead of movie link because it usually happens with so many people. I know you are smart enough to download the right content that you want.

Apart from all these, I am going to describe every sort of motion pictures that you can easily find at tamilrockers.

Activity motion Pictures

Well, activity motion pictures usually called as action movies. These are very famous movies and these kinds of movies generally prefer everyone to watch. They are also known for profits. These kinds of movies make the most amount of money for movie makers when compare to any other movie genre.

Satire motion Pictures

Satire motion pictures usually called as laughing or comedy movies. These are a very famous type of movie and also generate a lot of revenue for movie producers. This is the only movie genre which is liked by every individual. Because everyone likes to laugh and bring out their happiness.

Crime class motion picture

These are normally labelled as crime movies and these are known for there tension and spine chiller content. Commonly these are liked by people in the age group of 18 – 45. These class of movies includes a lot of scenario and planning which makes the movies more alluring.

Play motion pictures

Why I am saying this as play motion picture because it compromises abundant drama in it. And these are based on desire, affection, sympathy and empathy. These usually called as drama pictures. They are most famous among females. They are also known for generating mid-range of revenue for producers.

Delusion Picture

Delusion movies are mostly recommended for those who are at least 18 years old. These kinds of movies may contain an affectionate scene which is not suitable for kids. But these are the movie which is becoming more famous in the movies industry. An abundant amount of movies are coming in this genre. Most of them bring out good revenue for movie manufacturer.

Factual Movies

Factual movies are based on history and these are very famous kinds of movies. I India, in last 4-5 years an ample amount of good movies was released in this category. Before making these kinds of movies, the writer has to study every incident related to their movie story. Because they can’t produce any content which is not related to the past. Means they are not supposed to add any unreal content in the movie.

Exploratory Pictures

These are also termed as science-fiction or science-fi movies. They also produce a very good amount of money for movie manufacturer. These kinds of movies based on science and experiments. Ample good Hollywood movies are being released in this category. Movies like Avengers and Terminators are of this category.

In recent times, Bollywood has also produced some good exploratory picture such as Robot, Robot 2, Krrish 3 and Ra.one. But we can say that Bollywood still in its beta position for producing movies of this category.

Animated Pictures

These are most famous among kids. These are fully computer-generated movies. It contains graphics and animation. Movies like Jumbo and Ganesha are some of the popular Bollywood movies of this category. They commonly require less time to produce a movie. Whole expert teams include in making such movies. They use their graphics knowledge to make every scene in these movies.


Legitimate options of Tamilrockers


Tamilrockers website


There are huge numbers of legal alternatives for tamilrockers. Most of these options are paid because they are providing you with all the original contents that you can save also to watch on later dates. Here I am sharing with you some of the most famous alternatives -:


Netflix is the most famous platform for watching contents like movies and web-series. It has both Bollywood as well as Hollywood contents. You can easily take its subscription for mobile also. Its pricing is just starting from Rs. 199 for a month. And if you take its annual subscription then you will get some discount also. For the first month, they offer free subscription and they started charging you from 2nd month. So it is a good deal in my sight.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also a very good option for a subscription. They also have an abundant amount of contents. They also include the latest movies on their list. Their pricing is also nominal. After taking a subscription of Amazon Prime you can watch its contents in more than one mobile. They usually allow you to open Amazon Prime in 4-5 mobiles from one account. But time to time they change their policies. So before taking a subscription, you should confirm that at that time they are providing these services.


Hotstar recently updates itself and now it has become Disnep+Hotstar. They have included much exciting Disney content. Especially there are a lot of new contents for kids. Overall Hotstar has upgraded with more new contents. You can easily take its subscription and can enjoy the updated Disnep+Hotstar.

Earlier also Hotstar already had ample of contents which include movies, web series and cartoons. And now, after the update, you can even enjoy a lot more contents. They have started premiering new movies as early as possible. So, in my view, it is a good option to take a subscription.

Alt Balaji

Alt Balaji is one of the best platforms for web series. Alt Balaji’s subscription is also very nominal and at just small amount you can reach to many contents. But you can also watch many contents for free at Alt Balaji without taking any subscription. All you need to do is that you need to watch online.

MX Player

Nowadays, MX Player is producing so many contents. You can watch many latest movies and web series on this platform. The best part of MX player is that it is free. You don’t need to pay any money to watch any content. All you need to do is that you need to watch online but there is a download option also. You can download your content also but you can’t save those things into your mobile. Those will save in MX Player app only.

You can download in a variety of option from MX Player. So you can say that this is not just a video player. It is more than a player. There are also many MX Player original contents which are very famous.


Voot is also another good option to watch movies online. But recently Voot upgraded itself and now most of the content in Voot is not free. You need to take a subscription to watch its premium contents. But still, there is a lot of content which is still free. If you don’t want you to spend any money then you can also watch its free contents.

Sony LIV

Sony LIV is also a good option to watch contents online. You can watch movies, web series and TV shows at Sony LIV. This platform is mostly famous for TV shows. You can watch all Sony TV shows free of cost at Sony LIV. You can easily download its app from play store or you can visit sonyliv.com to watch online. At this platform, you can watch the TV shows of Sony Entertainment. Sony SAB, Sony Pal, etc. You can watch any TV show from its first episode.

You can also take its subscription to watch its premium contents. Sometimes it also premiers LIVE Cricket match. So if you are a Cricket lover then this would be a good choice because you can watch Live Cricket as well as you can watch your favourite content here.


Another alternative of tamilrockers website is Zee5. It is mostly famous for Hindi web-series. You can watch many latest web series here free of cost. But you can also take its subscription to watch its premium contents. But its pricing is very nominal. They also have a huge content of latest movies. If you wish to download its app then its app is also available that you can easily download from play store. If you don’t want to download the app then you can visit its official site i.e zee5.com to watch content online.

If you going to use this for a longer period then I strongly recommend you to download its official app because it is easy to use and it is also fast when compared to its web portal. And also in-app, you will get the option for saving your movies and other content for future use. But once you uninstall this app, everything that you have downloaded will disappear permanently. So you need to take care of this.


This article is just for information purpose. I don’t support tamilrockers by any means. I also don’t back up any illegal website. I have written this blog to only give some information to my readers. I don’t have any intention to promote any website which gives movies downloading services.

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